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Key features of Bankruptcy

Advantages of Bankruptcy

Disadvantages of Bankruptcy

How much will it cost to declare myself bankrupt?

What are the implications of declaring me bankrupt?

Will bankruptcy affect my credit rating?

Who will know about my bankruptcy?

Will bankruptcy affect my job?

If I declare myself bankrupt, will I loose my house?

If I declare myself bankrupt, are all of my assets at risk?

What is a Bankruptcy Restriction Order?

Can I avoid bankruptcy?


What is Bankruptcy?


Bankruptcy is a legal process that enables you to clear your unmanageable unsecured debts and can be a last resort if you are unable to pay your debts as the fall due.


There are two aims of bankruptcy, firstly to free you from pressure from your creditors and enable you to make a fresh start, secondly to ensure that your assets are distributed fairly among your creditors.